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JediVite® Super Multivitamins

JediVite Launches Safe, Effective Super Multivitamin Gummy for Kids & Adults

Nov 19, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- JediVite is thrilled to announce the launch of its new super multivitamin gummy for kids and adults. It is common knowledge that over the years, there have been issues with multivitamins supplied by pharmaceutical companies. This is as most of them end up causing more harm than good. With covid-19 came the increasing demand for multivitamins and JediVite is set to bring a lasting solution.

JediVite is a super multivitamin that has all the essential nutrients clients will trust including vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B's, Zinc and more. It contains a safe and effective formula and was made according to the EU regulations with guaranteed zero side effects or claims. 

The new multivitamin was founded with a relentless spirit and a simple objective which is to bring a safe and effective multivitamin with good morals to the global markets. With JediVite, users will be getting a new super Multivitamin that is not only safe, but also helps to boost the immune system and promote better sleep. This is made possible through the unique formula that uses branded ingredients. With JediVite, everyone is assured of getting a safe product and the ingredients used in producing JediVite are sugar free, organic, vegan, halal and 100% allergen-free. The new super vitamin is also safe and effective for all diet groups and suitable for all ages from kids to seniors. 

The team at JediVite are 100% concerned about the environment. This is why great care was put into the production of JediVite packaging bottles to ensure it is 100% recyclable. With JediVite, clients will be getting bottles made from grey rPET in the Netherlands. These are bottles that use 79% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 71% compared to white Virgin PET. The carbon footprints of rPET plastic is 5 times less than the carbon footprints of Virgin PET plastic. With JediVite, clients are not only getting bottles that are recyclable, but also plastics that are shatterproof thereby providing safety in the logistical chain retail stores and at home.

In addition, with JediVite, users will be getting a multivitamin that is fully certified by GMP and more. Other advantages includes 100% Allergen-free product that has guaranteed 0% recalls with 0% chance of cross-contamination. Before launch, JediVite already received massive preorders from distributors who are very impressed with the high quality and extra benefits for consumers.

The efforts put into creation of the super multivitamin are part of JediVite’s mission to change the world and reduce the damage done to the environment. By 2023 the company will be set to launch the first commercial compostable plastic bottle which degrades 100% within 90 days only when found in the environment.  In addition, the company is focused on contributing to help combat global malnutrition.